A recent discussion at our local ARES meeting prompted me to make some notes on memory channels and memory banks and their use in amateur radio. Most amateur radios have memory channels, and most of the newer radios also feature memory banks. Both channels and banks can be extremely useful […]

Memory Channels and Banks

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I got up early this a morning and tried out the CWOPS group’s mini contest. It was good fun, and I managed to make 9 contacts on 40 meters. I’ve been away from CW for a while so the speeds were a problem, but I’m slowly getting faster. I’m going […]


How about “The Deadbeat Layabouts”? I saw this on a Twitter post by a conservative blogger concerned about entitlements.

Potential Band Name?

The Icom ID-880H dual band mobile transceiver with D Star is currently available at a very nice price. Ham Radio Outlet is selling these for $239.95 after rebates and discounts. The rebate coupon expires 12/31/16. This is a good D Star radio, and a number of local hams have scarfed […]

Icom ID-880 H

Hi, and welcome to my Blog. I plan to be posting general comments about Amateur Radio, my experiences on the air, and links to items of interest. I do not have comments enabled here, but if you wish to get in touch with me you can send me email at my […]